Master of Arts in Teaching Admission to Internship II

Graduate candidates must be formally admitted no later than one full semester prior to student teaching.

All MAT candidates seeking to complete the Internship stage of the Teacher Education Program must meet the following requirements before being allowed to enroll in EDCO 690 School Internship and AREA 593 Capstone: 

  1. Submission of an internship application to the Office of Field and Clinical Experiences;
  2. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for coursework completed at Winthrop. 
  3. Completion of all required courses as specified by faculty in the major. 
  4. Documentation of passage of PRAXIS Subject Assessment examinations in the content area of certification. 
  5. Competency review indicating satisfactory completion of the Internship I Midterm and Final Evaluations and, if appropriate a satisfactory review of Teacher Education Profession Dispositions and Skills forms. 
  6. Completed disclosure statement regarding criminal or unethical conduct. 
  7. Signed recommendations from:
    - Faculty Adviser
    - Department Chair in the candidate's major and/or Program Area designee

NOTE: Before beginning full-time internship in the state of South Carolina, a teacher education candidate must obtain a clear fingerprint/FBI check.