Jane LaRoche Award for Excellence in Graduate Instruction

This award, established in 2008, recognizes outstanding teaching at the graduate level and significant contributions to graduate education at Winthrop. The Graduate Faculty Award, accompanied by a cash award from the Winthrop Foundation, is presented at the May Graduate Commencement.

Eligible faculty are those at the Associate Professor and Professor ranks who have significant experience teaching 500 and 600 level courses, working with graduate students in research and/or creative activities, developing graduate courses and programs, and serving graduate programs through committees and elected positions.

Nominations will come from the colleges through the deans to a selection committee consisting of previous recipients of the LaRoche Award. This award joins the Kinard Award, Outstanding Junior Professor and Distinguished Professor as major faculty awards at Winthrop.

For each nominee, the following supporting evidence must be provided:

  1. The dean's letter of nomination
  2. The department chair and/or college graduate director's letter of nomination
  3. The nominee's student ratings and other evaluations for all 500 and 600 level courses taught in the last three years
  4. The nominee's annual reports and the department chair's responses for the last three years
  5. The nominee's
    1. independent research/creative activity,
    2. work (research projects, grants received, theses directed, internships supervised) with graduate students during the last five years,
    3. involvement in graduate course design, curriculum development, or program development during the last five years, and
    4. graduate related service including committee work and elected positions for the last five years
  6. The number of years the nominee has been a Graduate Faculty member at Winthrop University
  7. A current vitae of the nominee

February 15 is the deadline for deans to submit nominations to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.