Graduation Steps Following Application

After you have applied for graduation, the following pre-graduation review steps will be completed. 

A full color PowerPoint is available, Graduation 601: Master's Degree, 4 Steps to Graduation.

A Masters Graduation Term Check will be completed during your final semester. Students and advisors are encouraged to consult DegreeWorks regularly to check that coursework is correctly applied. Please notify Records and Registration of any problem or necessary changes.

Students will be cleared for graduation in the Fall semester on the Thursday prior to the Saturday commencement ceremony and Spring semesters beginning the Wednesday prior to the commencement ceremony on Thursday.
All August graduates will be cleared and will be posted the day of graduation.

Failure to Apply
Failure to apply for graduation on time may result in the following:
Not being cleared to graduate, resulting in a degree not being awarded.
Late fees incurred with a late application for graduation.
Not having a diploma available upon graduation because of late ordering.
Not having your name in the Commencement Program.
Not having a reader card (used to announce your name) printed for the ceremony.
Not having your name printed in your town newspaper listing graduates.
Risking difficulty in obtaining employment because confirmation of a degree being awarded cannot be given.