Admission Classifications

Applicants to graduate degree programs may be admitted to Graduate Studies under two
classifications: full admission or provisional admission.

Full Admission
Applicants are fully admitted to a graduate program based on the probability of their success in
completing the requirements for graduation. Full admission indicates that the student meets all
admissions standards of Graduate Studies and the individual graduate program.


Provisional Admission
Applicants are provisionally admitted to a graduate program when their application suggests a
reasonable probability of success but falls below standards for full admission in no more than
one of the following ways:

  • Previous academic record is weak.

  • Prerequisite coursework is limited or insufficient.

  • Applicant’s previous program of study is not directly related to the intended graduate program.

  • Other requirements unique to individual graduate program.

A student may take up to 12 graduate hours as a provisionally admitted student. Upon
successful completion of coursework as a provisionally admitted student, the student will be
fully admitted to the program by Graduate Studies. During his or her first 12 graduate credit
hours, a provisionally admitted student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and may not
receive a grade of C+ or lower. If the provisionally admitted student fails to maintain a
cumulative GPA of 3.0 or receives a C+ or lower for any course within his or her first 12
graduate hours, the student is dismissed from graduate study.

Full admission may be granted after fewer than 12 hours based on the provisionally admitted
student’s strong academic performance and the recommendation of the graduate program
director. A course in which the provisional student chooses to withdraw before the withdrawal
deadline will not be included in this 12-hour limit. A provisional student who chooses to
withdraw from a course within his or her first 12 hours may not be eligible for financial aid the
following semester, because a student seeking financial aid must be enrolled in at least six
semester hours. Students provisionally admitted to cohort graduate programs requiring more
than 12 hours in a specific sequence must receive a B or higher in all courses.
A provisional student dismissed from graduate study may apply for readmission after 4
academic terms but is no longer eligible for provisional admission. The student may apply for
admission to a different graduate program after two academic terms following dismissal.
Provisionally admitted students are eligible to apply for and receive graduate assistantships and
receive the same financial aid benefits as fully admitted students.
International students who do not meet English Language Proficiency requirements are
ineligible for provisional admission.