Procurement Services

Purchasing Card Program Tutorial

Purchasing Card Procedures

Purchasing card purchases are charged to default budgets. However, departments may charge the purchases to other budgets or accounts codes by use of the Purchasing Card System via Bank of America's WORKS online system. The Purchasing Card System is also used to indicate that sales tax needs to be paid on a purchase.

Billing Cycle

The billing cycle is the 27th of each month. Reconciliation of transactions can be initiated by liaisons ad hoc during the cycle. WORKS notifies the appropriate liaison when there is a task to perform. You do NOT need to wait until the VISA statements arrive via US mail to perform the reconciliation. The VISA statements are usually not received until about 5 days after cycle closes. However, all cardholders should review their VISA statements for accuracy, sign, and forward to the liaison for permanent retention with the receipts.


The deadline for completion of monthly reconciliation is two weeks after billing cycle. If reconciliation is not completed, the default budget information will automatically be charged when uploaded to Banner. Once charged to the default account, further changes cannot be made in WORKS. It is the liaison's responsibility to notify the Purchasing Card Coordinator if there are any problems reconciling cards within deadline.