Winthrop University: Blackboard Learn and Collaborate Ultra Changes

Blackboard Learn and Collaborate Ultra Changes

Recent updates and changes to the Blackboard system will be posted here. You can also view our Archive to see older updates and changes to the Blackboard system. Please email with questions or for assistance.

Blackboard Learn Ultra

Learn more about the Blackboard Learn Ultra upgrade that took effect on May 10, 2021.

June 2022

June 2

Learn Version: 3900.41

Original Course Experience

  1. Issue: User count for Tasks included TAs, instructors, unavailable and disabled enrollments.
    Status: Resolved.

Ultra Course Experience

  1. Issue: Users with Guest role in a course received a Sorry! Your name isn't on the list error.
    Status: Resolved.
  2. Issue: Converting an Original experience course that contained a gradable Group Discussion to an Ultra experience course added the grade column as visible and it could not be deleted.
    Status: Resolved.
  3. Issue: Test progress bar did not update after fill in the blank questions were answered.
    Status: Resolved.
  4. Enhancement: Allow multiple attempts for Group Tests
  5. Enhancement: Option to set Overall Grade calculation based on points earned out of total graded points
  6. Enhancement: Ability to weight Gradebook items and categories in the overall grade calculation
  7. Enhancement: File attachments to Documents, Assignments, and Tests can be shown inline. Supported file types:
    • .pdf
    • .doc, .docx
    • .ppt, pptx
    • .xls, .xlsx
    • .ods, .odt, .opd
  1. Enhancement: The LTI Item under the insert content button of the text editor has been renamed to Content Market.
  2. Enhancement: Journals can display more than 50 entries

May 2022

May 12

Collaborate Ultra Version: 22.08

Original Course Experience

    1. Issue: Pools report
      • If an attendee gets disconnected, their poll answers will be saved in the report
      • If the poll question or options are updated by the moderator, the poll report will reflect the update
      Status: Resolved
    2. Enhancement: Amazon Chime, a new audio/video service, features higher quality video and application sharing will be released as a beta version. To enable in the Scheduler Session Settings, check Use AWS Chime for audio and video under Multimedia. These features are not yet part of this beta release
      • breakout groups
      • polling
      • large scale sessions (more than 250 attendees)
      • joining the session by phone dial in
      • not suitable for conducting sessions with accessibility requirements (including captioning)
      NOTE: Amazon Chime is being rolled out gradually in May and June
    3. Enhancement: When the moderator shares a file on the board or whiteboard, session attendees can download the full document including
      • annotations, and
      • as a PDF file

May 5

Learn Version: 3900.39

  1. Issue: When copying a course that had two or more items with the same label in the left navigation menu, all of the menu items beginning with the duplicate label and below were not created.
    Status: Resolved
  2. Issue: The collapse/expand icons on the Control Panel menu were small and had low contrast which caused accessibility issues.
    Status: Resolved
  3. Issue: An ‘Access denied’ error was received by instructors and students when trying to open the Portfolios Homepage tool link.
    Status: Resolved
  4. Issue: When a student used the Chrome 91 or Edge 91 browser when taking a Test with Forced Completion and navigated away from the Test, they would not see the pop-up message ‘You recently left the test ‘Test Name’ without submitting it. It was automatically submitted for you. Contact your instructor for assistance if you did not mean to leave and submit your test.
    Status: Resolved
  5. Enhancement: Add an Image Title to images in the Content Editor
  6. Enhancement: Bb Annotate now has Undo and Redo options.
    NOTE: These new features do not apply to Comments. The new features will not be released during the update but will be released later in May.

Ultra Course Experience

  1. Issue: Course copy
    • Duplicate user-defined gradebook categories
    • Unrelated data copied to the item in the gradebook
    • Titles in Original course content with custom font-colors displayed as an error in the Copy Detail menu
    • Groups deleted via the Batch Edit Delete option no longer remain in a hidden state in the course
    • Copy content into or from a course that is in Ultra preview mode
    Status: Resolved
  2. Issue: Conditional Release Test items were visible under Grades before the condition was met.
    Status: Resolved
  3. Issue: A Link that contains '&section' in the URL is modified in a manner where the '&sect' portion of the URL is replaced with the symbol §.
    Status: Resolved
  4. Issue: When an Assignment was created without text in the Assignment Content field, students were able to submit blank Assignments.
    Status: Resolved
  5. Issue: When changing the visibility of an item in the Gradebook, the icon in the Gradebook changed but the Course Content outline did not.
    Status: Resolved
  6. Issue: Long titles on a Discussion Board were not formatted and ran off the page.
    Status: Resolved
  7. Issue: When a course was unavailable and had multiple instructors, the Last Access Gradebook column contained a value for students enrolled in the course.
    Status: Resolved
  8. Issue: An ‘Oops! Something went wrong’ error was received when an instructor changed the visibility or due date of an Assignment or Assessment.
    Status: Resolved
  9. Issue: Student receives a ‘Sorry! Your name isn’t on the list’ when clicking on a Group Assignment after another student in the group started an attempt and then left the group.
    Status: Resolved
  10. Enhancement:Tests
    • Question filter – students can return to skipped questions and find essay questions
    • Unanswered question warning – the number of unanswered questions is displayed
    • Hide the timer – students can toggle the timer off and on during timed tests
  11. Enhancement: The Weighted Overall Grade calculation now includes the ability to assign a weight to empty grade categories. There are options to auto-balance and lock weights you do not want to change.
  12. Enhancement: To prevent instructors from triggering the submission of in-progress and saved attempts on tests and assignments, the Prohibit Late Submission setting 
    • due date cannot be changed to a date in the past when students have submitted attempts, and
    • if the due date has passed, the instructor cannot select the Prohibit Late Submission setting
  13. Enhancement: Journals
    • Students may make unlimited entries
    • Students and instructors have improved navigation with pagination on the Entries page
    • Students and instructors can decide the number of items that appear per page
    • Instructors have a count of graded journals
  14. Enhancement: The Blackboard session will timeout when the user is idle for over three (3) hours. A Session Ending Soon warning will appear at least six (6) minutes before the session times out. Some examples of a user working but considered idle are when:
    • authoring a Discussion Board post
    • authoring an Assignment submission in the text editor in Learn
    • creating a Content item
  15. Enhancement: Bb Annotate now has ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ options.
    NOTE: These new features do not apply to Comments. The new features will not be released during the update but will be released later in May.

April 2022

April 21

Learn Version: 3900.37

Original Course Experience

  1. Enhancement: Users can appear to be idle while working in Blackboard because the browser is not sending data to Blackboard which causes their session to end. A session timeout warning will now be displayed when the session is about to expire. By closing the warning before the session ends, the session will be extended. Examples of when the browser is not sending data back to Blackboard are:
    • Authoring a Discussion Board post
    • Authoring an Assignment submission in the text editor
    • Creating a Content item
  2. Enhancement: Instructor report for Submission Receipts can be found on the peek panel for a student’s submitted attempts. The receipt confirmation number will show
    • Test name
    • Test grade
    • Number of attempts
    • Size of files included with the submission
    • Submission date and time stamp

Ultra Course Experience

  1. Issue: When an instructor is enrolled in more than two courses and navigates to page 2 of the Current Courses list then clicks the Upcoming Courses link, the Upcoming Courses did not display.
    Status: Resolved
  2. Enhancement: Tests and Assignments with questions can be presented one question at a time
  3. Enhancement: Content can be copied within an Ultra course
  4. Enhancement: Decide when Test submission results become available to students. The default is to allow students to view their Test submission results after submitting.
    • If the setting is checked, the instructor decides when the student can view their Test submission
      • After submitting the Test
      • After the instructor posts the individual student’s grade
      • After the Test due date
      • After the instructor posts all of the grades for the Test
      • On a specific date
      • If the setting is unchecked, the students cannot view
    • Test content such as the title, videos or images, text sections
      • Test questions
      • Answers
      • Automatic feedback
      • Additional content section at the end of the Test
  5. Enhancement:Decide when to post grades to students. The default is to auto-post the grades and the ‘Post Grades’ button will not appear. If this setting is unchecked, the instructor must post the grades manually and students will see ‘Not Graded’ in the grade pill until a grade is posted.
  6. Enhancement: The Calculated Numeric question type supports the following
    • Student answers may be entered as a number. The number can be an integer, decimal, or scientific notation. The largest value supported is 16 digits.
    • Instructors may combine text and mathematical formulas in the question.
    • Instructors may define an answer range. The range value can be an integer, decimal, or scientific notation. The largest value supported is 16 digits.
    • The answer field validates only numeric digits.
  7. Enhancement: Download Test results from the Gradebook Grid or List views
    • Options for downloading results
      • File type – Excel spreadsheet (.xls) or Comma Separated Value (.csv); default is .xls
      • Format results by student or by question and student; the default is by student
      • Download all attempts or only attempts included in the grade calculation. The instructor defines which attempts to include in the grade calculation in the ‘Grade attempts’ settings. The default is to download only attempts used for calculation.
    • The download report includes
      • Student name
      • Username
      • Questions
      • Answers
      • Grading status
      • Any content the student may have included with their submission
  8. Enhancement: The text editor code snippet tool allows computer code for 11 programming syntaxes
    • Python
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Kotlin
    • R
    • PHP
    • Go
    • C
    • Swift
    • C#
    • HTML
  9. Enhancement: The Course Activity Related to Grades link is always visible to instructors in the gradebook settings.
  10. Enhancement: Instructor report for Submission Receipts can be found on the peek panel for a student’s submitted attempts. The receipt confirmation number will show
    • Test name
    • Test grade
    • Number of attempts
    • Size of files included with the submission
    • Submission date and time stamp

April 19

Collaborate Ultra Version: 22.06

  1. Enhancement: An Engagement Insights Panel is a tool companion for moderators that shows, with data, how the audience is engaging while the session is occurring. This will allow the moderator to think on actions that may help keep or improve the energy of a session.
    NOTE: This feature will be released gradually between April 19 and April 21.
  2. Enhancement: The recording usage tab allows instructors to see how many students have watched and downloaded recordings as well as the last time a recording was viewed or downloaded.

Last Updated: 6/6/22