Blackboard Changes

Blackboard Changes

Recent updates and changes to the Blackboard system will be posted here. Please email with questions or for assistance.

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February 2021

February 25

Version: 3900.6.0

  1. Within the Content Editor, a user won't be able to use copy and paste to transfer images from other sources. The user can include images with the Add Content workflow. We've made this change to address performance problems that arose with certain large or numerous images. We’ll review whether it's possible to reintroduce this capability in the future.

February 4

Version: 3900.6.0

  1. Enhancement: EAC Visual reporting tool updated to V 5.29.122 to correct a .jsp file error identified with the Blackboard update to version 3900.0.0. No assessment data will be lost from prior semesters and the update will only impact the tool where the assessment reports are run, not the Blackboard courses or scoring rubrics.
  2. Issue: When an instructor added content to a discussion board thread which contained an iframe, the iframe content was not visible to students. 
    Status: Resolved

February 2

Version: 3900.6.0

  1. Enhancement: Zoom integration for Blackboard and TechSmith. Create Zoom meetings within your Blackboard courses and save the recordings to your TechSmith library, where you can apply closed captioning, quiz questions, or discussion questions. Access the tutorial from our Instructor Training and Resources page under Course Tools Tutorials > Creating Virtual Meetings > Create a Zoom Meeting in Blackboard, or simply type Zoom into the search field. A student tutorial is available on our Student Training & Resources page. 

January 2021

January 7

Version: 3900.4.0

  1. Issue: Blackboard Grade Center header row has increased in height. 
    Workaround: Grade center column names must be 15 or fewer characters. To make this adjustment, use the Grade Center Name field as indicated below:
    Full Grade Center > Column Header drop down menu > Edit Column Information > Grade Center Name field > Enter a shortened column name of 15 or fewer characters > Submit
    Status: Expected Resolution Summer 2021 

November 2020

November 5

Version: 3900.0.0

  1. Enhancement: Content Editor Improvements

Last Updated: 3/2/21