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McNair Scholars

Advisory Board

2019-20 Members

We are grateful for the time our Board members invest in choosing each cohort, advising Program Staff, and supporting the program. Advisory Board members are listed below along with each member's affiliation.

The Board and Program Staff are grateful for the valuable contributions of faculty who have served on the Board in past years, including Drs. Will Thacker (Ret., CSCI),  Jason Hurlbert (CHEM), Nick Grossoehme (CHEM), Heather Evans-Anderson (BIOL), Joe Rusinko (MATH), Kareema Gray (SCWK), and Shebby Neely-Goodwin (SCWK). Dr. Takita Sumter - Dean, College of Arts and Sciences &  Professor, Chemistry, Physics, & Geology has been a longstanding Board member and is taking leave from the Board this year, her first year as Dean. 

An eligible student representative (our first year) and outstanding Winthrop McNair Scholars have provided important guidance in recruitment, selection, and program planning as members of the Advisory Board. Those students are listed below.

  • 2019-20  Monejah Black
  • 2018-19  James White          
  • 2017-18  Jesslyn Park           
  • 2016-17  Nicole McMullen 
  • 2015-16  Ashley Causey    
  • 2014-15  Sarah Wicks          
  • 2013-14  Symone Calhoun   
  • 2012-13  Ronald Nelson       
  • 2011-12  Macreshia Salters  
  • 2010-11  Alfred McLeod      
  • 2009-10  Lilah Campbell      


Last Updated: 11/27/19