On-Campus Housing & Meal Plans

Once you decide to come and study at Winthrop University you will need to find a place to live while you are here. The two options are to live "on-campus" in one of Winthrop University's Residence Halls or to live "off-campus" in a rented apartment or house.

Winthrop University requires all freshman and sophomore students to live on campus for their first two years at Winthrop. By living on campus, students have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish lifelong friendships, to participate in exciting activities and to feel truly connected to the University. The added convenience of living close to classes, dining and support services, make on-campus living at Winthrop the ideal environment to live, learn and lead. The campus is small and safe, so everything you need will be within easy walking distance. 

If you are interested in living off-campus, exceptions to the freshman and sophomore residency commitment may be made for married or non-traditional age freshman and for those who continue to live with parents or legal guardians while commuting to campus from 50 or fewer miles away. The residency requirement exemption request must be submitted to and approved by the Department of Residence Life prior to housing arrangements being made off-campus. To request a waiver of the requirement to live on-campus you must contact Winthrop's Residence Life Office

If you choose to live off-campus, helpful information can be found by visiting International Students Living Off-Campus.

Information for Admitted Students

Winthrop University's Department of Residence Life has the best information for on-campus housing at Winthrop University. Please visit Frequently Asked Questions and Housing Forms and Information first for any questions you may have.

Once admitted, you will receive your EaglesNest housing letter via e-mail. This letter is from Residence Life and will provide information on how to register for on-campus housing. Information on the cost of housing and meal plans are available at Room and Meal Plan Rates.

You must follow the directions in your EaglesNest housing letter to register for on-campus housing. Housing is based on a first come, first served basis so register early! 

Living On Campus at Winthrop

Winthrop's residence hall experience is dedicated to the development of each resident student and is an essential part of the university's total educational experience. Deciding where to live is an important decision for an international student.  Winthrop University's Department of Residence Life gives you the best and most important information you need to make a decision about your accommodations while studying at Winthrop.  All new freshman and sophomore students have a residential commitment of living on campus their first two years at Winthrop.  

Due to the number of students living on campus at Winthrop, it is extremely important that you reserve a room on campus as soon as possible.  Winthrop's Department of Residence Life provides information on how to apply for on-campus housing. If at any time you have questions about on-campus housing contact Winthrop's Residence Life Office the for assistance.

All of the items you need for living on or off-campus you can purchase once you arrive at Winthrop.  There are several area stores such as WalMart and Target that we visit during Orientation. However, many students will order their bedlinens online and have them delivered to The International Center prior to their arrival at Winthrop. We recommend ordering your linens prior to your arrival so they are here and waiting for you when you arrive. If you do order your linens ahead of your arrival please use the following address for delivery: Winthrop University, The International Center, 349 Columbia Avenue, Rock Hill, South Carolina, 29733 USA. Please notify us that you have ordered your linens so we know to expect them and can watch for them in the mail.

Please visit Winthrop University's Residence Life Department for more information on the different residence halls and their amenities.  

Campus Dining

If you live on-campus you may be required to purchase a meal plan. There are various meal plan options available to you depending on your dining needs. Please visit Residence Life for more information on the different types of meal plans available to all Winthrop students. 

When it comes to dining, Winthrop students have plenty of to choose from in all the campus' many dining locations.  

If you need more information on the different food venues and menus please visit Winthrop's Dining Services

For cost information on rooms and meal plans please visit Room and Meal Plan Rates.

Please contact the International Center with any questions you may have. Thank you.