International Students Living Off-Campus

Once you decide to come and study at Winthrop University you will need to find a place to live while you are here.  The two options are to live "on-campus" in one of Winthrop University's Residence Halls or to live "off-campus" in a rented apartment or house.  

Two-Year On-Campus Residency Requirement for Freshman and Sophomore Students

Winthrop University requires all freshman and sophomore students, including international students, to live on campus for two year academic years. Exceptions to the freshman and sophomore residency commitment may be made for married or non-traditional age freshman and for those who continue to live with parents or legal guardians while commuting to campus from 50 or fewer miles away. If you qualify for an exemption, the exemption form is required. The Two-Year Live On Requirement Exemption Request Form is approved or denied by Winthrop's Residence Life Office.

Living Off-Campus

Winthrop students who live off-campus are called "commuter" or "non-residential" students. What does it mean to be a commuter student? Commuter students are simply Winthrop students who do not live on campus. You commute to class and activities from an off-campus apartment or home but you are still a member of the Winthrop community!

Winthrop University's Dean of Students Office provides valuable information that you should know and consider if you are planning to live off-campus. They provide tips on budgeting, planning and preparing for housing, personal safety, transportation, and links to sites that list available housing.

Off-Campus Housing

Students who live off-campus may consider living in either Rock Hill or Charlotte, NC. If you plan to live in Charlotte, you will need a valid drivers license and a car to commute to campus. If you plan to live in Rock Hill, you may need a valid drivers license and a car to commute to campus depending on where you live in Rock Hill. Public transportation in Rock Hill and public transportation from Charlotte to Rock Hill is extremely limited. Please take this into consideration when choosing where you want to live.

If you want to share an apartment with another student, our staff may be able to assist in providing this information to other students.

Apartments vary greatly in cost and are usually unfurnished. Rent for a one-bedroom furnished apartment can range from $600—$900.Two and three-bedroom apartments are more expensive. Furniture can be rented or purchased from numerous local stores.

Students living off-campus should be prepared to pay several security deposits. Deposits can range from $150—$300 and may or may not be refundable depending on the circumstances. Deposits will be needed for the apartment, electricity, gas service, telephone, and possibly water.

Please note: The International Center cannot rent an apartment on your behalf and we cannot recommend a particular apartment complex.

Parking On-Campus

If you live off-campus and plan to drive a car to campus, you must have a valid Winthrop parking decal and park in the appropriate locations on campus. Information on commuter parking and decals are regulated by the Winthrop University Police Department.

If you have any questions about living off-campus please contact the International Center and we can assist you or direct you to the proper resources on campus.