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Thesis Guidelines and Instructions


December 2022 graduates must submit their theses in PDF format via email to the Graduate School Office ( no later than Tuesday, November 22, 2022 (M.F.A. will vary depending on Orals in gallery setting).

Students will be cleared by for graduation only when the Graduate School approves your thesis.


Thesis Process

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your thesis process runs as smoothly as possible:

    1. Review and review again the formatting guidelines in our Instructions for Preparation of a Master's Thesis (PDF - 286 KB).

    2. At your thesis defense, have at least 1 copy of your Approval Sheet (Signature Page) and Title Page on high quality paper (see "Instructions"). Have all of your committee members sign the Approval Sheet at that time after you've successfully defended your thesis.

    3. Immediately following your defense and after completing any required changes to your thesis, submit one final copy of your Approval Sheet and Title Page, along with one paper copy of your thesis directly to the Graduate School Office, 211 Tillman Hall. A member of the Graduate School Office will review your thesis for formatting and other concerns and email you within two days regarding any issues or concerns.

    4. If the Graduate School Office requires specific changes to your thesis, make all the necessary formatting revisions and submit a new copy to the Graduate School Office as soon as possible.

    5. Once the Graduate School Office has approved your thesis for printing, you should take your completed thesis directly to Printing Services (McBryde Hall). Printing Services will provide you an estimated cost for the printing of your thesis. Please note: only 1 official copy is required by the University, but you may request as many printed copies as you wish for personal keeping. Printing Services will contact the Cashier's Office, which will apply the final costs for printing and binding your thesis to your student account on Wingspan.

    6. Once your official unbound copies (minimum of 1) are prepared by Printing Services, bring them from Printing Services directly to the Graduate School Office.  Check that the copies of your thesis are in the proper order. The Graduate School Office will keep the copies of your thesis and send them off to be bound. The binding process takes several weeks — you may not receive your thesis copies (if you elected for additional paper copies) until after your graduation ceremony. A PDF copy of your thesis must be submitted to the Graduate School office at this time as well. This electronic version and the paper version must be exact copies and will be the official final copy of your thesis.

    7. Be sure to bring your signed "Student Agreement for Public Access of Thesis" form (PDF - 16 KB) along with your final copies. With this form, you select how your thesis will be accessible to the public. Beginning with May 2015 graduates, all master's theses will be uploaded to the Digital Commons page on the Dacus Library website. Students may choose to embargo their work for six months or make the work available immediately. 

Be sure to pay for the printing and the binding either online or in person at the Cashier's Office no later than 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 1, 2022. Your account must be paid to "clear" you for graduation.


Thesis Preparation Instructions

Detailed instructions are in this: Instructions for Preparation of a Master's Thesis. (PDF - 286 KB)

Last Updated: 9/23/22