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Grading System


Grades for courses taken for graduate credit are recorded as follows: 

A  Excellent (4 quality points per semester hour)
A-  3.67 quality points per semester hour
B+  3.33 quality points per semester hour
B  Satisfactory (3 quality points per semester hour)
B-  2.67 quality points per semester hour
C+ 2.33 quality points per semester hour
C Passing (2 quality points per semester hour)
F Failure
N No Grade, indicating the student withdrew from the course
AU Audit
S* Satisfactory: S indicates satisfactory achievement (equivalent to B or above) on a course taken on satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.
U*    U indicates unsatisfactory achievement (equivalent to C or below) on a course taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.
I Incomplete: I must be used only as a prefix to a grade. Assigning an incomplete to a student in a course taken for graduate credit indicates that, for valid reason, the course has not been completed and that the instructor reserves the right to raise the grade if the incomplete work is finalized within one year or by an earlier date specified by the instructor. The grade to which I is prefixed is not used in computing the student's grade-point average until the prefix is removed and indicates the grade earned if no further work is performed. It is the grade in the course unless and until changed by the instructor.

*S/U is awarded only in those courses so designated.


Last Updated: 4/20/20