General Education Curriculum

General Education (or Gen Ed) is required courses that make up the foundation of an undergraduate degree. These courses develop student general knowledge, skills, and understandings that will be used throughout their education. The table below provides a general overview of the curricculum.



Credit Hours

Core Curriculum

  • Principles of the Learning Academy- Freshmen only

    • ACAD 101

  • Writing and Critical Thinking

    • WRIT 101 (Composition: Introduction to the Academic Discourse)

    • HMXP 102 (The Human Experience: Who Am I?)

    • CRTW 201 (Critical Reading, Thinking, and Writing)


  • *HXCT 301 (Human Experience/Critical Reading)-Transfer students with 60 credit hours and 2 courses in composition/freshman writing

3-10 credit hours

(Range of credit hours      based on status/credits  earned upon entering  Winthrop University)

 Shared Skills and   Proficiencies

  • Oral Communication

  • Technology

  • Intensive Writing

  • Founding Documents

  • Physical Activity

1-13 credit hours

(Range of credit hours  based on courses that meet  other components of the  General Education Program as well)

 Thinking   Critically Across   Disciplines

  • Global Perspectives

  • Historical Perspectives

6 credit hours

 Introducing   Students to Broad,   Disciplinary   Perspectives

  • Social Sciences

  • Humanities and Arts

  • Quantitative Skills

  • Natural Sciences

21-24 credit hours

(Range of credit hours  based on courses taken in  Quantitative Skills/Natural  Sciences components)


Course Schedule

General Education Curriculum 2021-2022

General Education Curriculum 2020-2021

General Education Curriculum 2019-2020