Course Inclusion/Recertification Process

The General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC) and the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) work together to oversee the inclusion and recertification of courses in the GNED program.

Application Process for Inclusion
To apply for a course to be included in the GNED program:

  1. Locate the Course Inclusion form for the GNED component you want to designate for the course. The form itself can be found on the GNED SharePoint. It will ask you for your WU login credentials. Once logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the box called "Course Inclusion Forms".
  2. Complete the form by providing information regarding curriculum and assessment requirements as prompted in the template.
    • Curriculum requirements define course expectations.
    • Assessment requirements identify information to support future recertification.
  3. Send the completed form along with the course syllabus to the department chair and dean for approvals.
  • The dean should then send both documents to the Director of General Education at
  1. The Director of General Education and/or the Chair of GECC will acknowledge receipt. They may contact the submitter(s) as needed if there are questions.
  2. The GECC will consider completed applications at its next scheduled meeting.
  3. If approved, then the Chair of GECC (who is a member of Academic Council) will present the course for consideration at Academic Council.
  4. If approved, the Chair of Academic Council will present GNED Curriculum information to Faculty Conference.

Recertification after initial approval:  Assessment processes will be the means of recertifying courses. This work will involve instructors and departments collecting data each semester from every section of a GNED course. For further information, see Continuous Improvement.


For questions contact Kelly Richardson, Director of General Education, at