Director's Message

Welcome to the General Education Program at Winthrop University!

Our program seeks to prepare undergraduate students to be critical, innovative, and curious thinkers. The General Education curriculum is designed to guide our students in becoming personally and socially responsible in a complex and rapidly changing world. In achieving this mission, our General Education Program is aligned with the four, University-Level Competencies (ULCs):

  • Winthrop graduates think critically and solve problems
  • Winthrop graduates are personally and socially responsible.
  • Winthrop graduates understand the interconnected nature of the world and time in which they live.
  • Winthrop graduates communicate effectively.

As a campus community, we are dedicated to providing our students with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to achieve these competencies.

The foundation of our General Education Program is called the General Education Core. The four courses that comprise the General Education Core (ACAD 101, WRIT 101, HMXP 102, and CRTW 201) are designed to prepare all baccalaureate students at Winthrop University with writing and critical thinking skills necessary to build their capacities in both professional and personal settings. Even students who come to Winthrop University from other institutions are included in the General Education Core through a unique course (HXCT 301) designed for transfer students.

Beyond the General Education Core, all degree-seeking undergraduate students at Winthrop take courses in a variety of components that, collectively, are designed to broaden their intellectual foundation and prepare them as career-ready, global citizens. Through the guidance of academic advisors, mentors, and additional student support services, Winthrop students select and complete the General Education Program requirements necessary for graduation.

On behalf of all my colleagues across campus, we are excited that you are with us, and we look forward to passing the torch to the future generations of lifelong learners. Go Eagles!





Wendy E. Sellers, PhD, MA, MSW

Director, General Education Program

Professor of Social Work