Student Academic Services

Undergraduate Admission to Teacher Education

For additional information regarding requirements for current and previous catalog programs, please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalogs.

Please do not submit application until ALL requirements have been met.

All students seeking to complete a degree which leads to teacher certification must be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program in the College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences. Formal admission occurs when students have 45 hours and have met all other requirements.

Students can apply for admission once they have:

  1. Completed a minimum of 45 semester hours, 15 of which must be completed at Winthrop.
  2. Maintained a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 for coursework completed at Winthrop.
  3. Completed the following core courses with a grade of "C" or better: EDCO 101, EDCO 200,and EDCO 201 or EDCO 202 or equivalents.
  4. Achieved satisfactory field evaluations in EDCO 200 and EDCO 201 or EDCO 202 or equivalents.
  5. Satisfied the Testing Requirement - Basic Skills defined here

When the above requirements are met,students should submit information to the online Teacher Education Program Application System on the SAS site that includes:

  • a disclosure statement concerning criminal/unethical conduct including any judicial or disciplinary action taken while enrolled at Winthrop University or another institution of higher education,
  • a disposition self-evaluation and reflection. Fillable PDF Version (PDF - 222K) A word version can be downloaded from the application system and may be easier to use.
  • a successful sophomore review (Music Education students only)

Applications can be submitted any time, however students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible within the following review cycles:

  • January 16 - April 1  (Apply by April 1)
  • April 2 - September 1 (Apply by September 1)
  • Septermber 2 - January 15 (Apply by January 15)

Once an application is submitted,students must receive approval from the following:

  • the Director of Student Academic Services
  • an admission committee comprised of faculty from the Teacher Education Program
  • the Dean of Education or designee

Students wishing to apply for admission to Teacher Education may do so (online only) by visiting: Teacher Education Program Application.

* A Teacher Education program fee of $250 will be billed to the candidate upon acceptance. You will be invited to a formal Induction Ceremony once you are fully admitted to the Teacher Education program. The Induction Ceremony is held once a year, during the fall semester.