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The segments below provide just-in-time access to content and information covered in the Education Core at Winthrop University. The content is intended for use by teacher candidates, university faculty/staff, and school partners. It is organized by Core course with references to the Initial Teacher Preparation Unit Standards.

Through deliberate sequencing, concepts and skills are found throughout the Education Core versus in singular courses. Such reinforcement leads to skill acquisition through three stages: fluency (use of skill without error), maintenance (maintain use of skill over time), and generalization (apply skill in various contexts).

©Please note the content presented is under copyright by the authors. Contact Lisa Johnson for information on use. For key terms and concepts applied throughout Education Core, visit Common Terminology (pdf - 128 KB)!

EDCO 101/EDCO 600

Warmth and Control (pdf - 3 KB) (Unit Standard 5)

EDCO 200/EDCO 601

OverviewModule Design (pdf - 55 KB)

Context of Poverty:

EDCO 220/PHED 590/EDCO 605


Standardized Assessments:

Designing Assessments:

EDCO 201/EDCO 610

EDCO 202/SPED 292/EDCO 610

Exceptional Learners:

Gifted Learners:

Differentiation and Support:

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports:

Research-Based Practices (Unit Standard 2)

EDCO 305/EDCO 602

Rationale for Technology Integration: Overview (pdf - 104 KB)

Planning for Technology Integration: Overview

EDCO 350/SPED 585/EDCO 660