Winthrop Faculty-in-Residence

Winthrop Faculty-in-Residence (WFIR) work with individual school sites devoted a portion of their contract time collaborating with the teachers, administrators, and teacher candidates on innovation and research to improve student learning. Read about our current WFIR below and click on the video link to understand more about the various roles WFIR play. Interested in becoming a Winthrop Faculty-in-Residence? Contact Bettie Parsons Barger for details!

Current WFIR Forms

WFIR Role Description (pdf - 114 KB)
WFIR Annual Report Template (pdf - 104 KB)
PDS Research Template (pdf - 141 KB)


Kelly Costner

Dr. Kelly Costner
WFIR, Sullivan Middle School

A Day in the Life of Dr. Costner as a WFIR (video link)

Lisa Harris

Dr. Lisa Harris
WFIR, South Pointe High School

Crystal Glover

Dr. Crystal Glover
WFIR, Ebinport Elementary

Tammy Burnham

Dr. Tammy Burnham
WFIR, York Middle School