Elementary Education

Student Information

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, most Elementary Education majors attain work as a classroom teacher. Some students choose to begin graduate school as they work toward leadership positions in education.  


All Elementary Education majors are required to complete diverse field-based experiences. At Winthrop, these experiences are comprised of two components. The first places students in elementary-level classrooms two days per week, over a 14-week period, in observation and tutorial roles. The second consists of 60 full days of internship under the guidance of a master classroom teacher. Other courses also require additional field experiences. Internship sites are located in Rock Hill and neighboring school districts.   

Student Organizations

Elementary Education majors connect to the classroom and the world through student organizations. Students are encouraged to become members of the South Carolina chapter of the National Education Association. The Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society is also available for education majors who achieve high academic honors. These organizations meet regularly and sponsor activities and guest speakers.  Find out more about College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences organizations.