Elementary Education

About Elementary Education

The Elementary Education program leads students to successful teaching careers in today's schools. We seek to inspire educators with a commitment to leadership, stewardship, collaboration, and innovation. Students pursuing a degree in elementary education learn from engaging and meaningful field experiences in local schools. Beginning in the freshman year, our elementary education teacher candidates participate in field experiences in public school settings.

The Major

The Elementary Education program at Winthrop University maintains an intense, clinically-based curriculum. We believe in hands-on, engaging instruction that models best practices in teaching and prepares candidates to plan, implement, and analyze meaningful learning experiences for their students. Our classes develop strong connections between teacher candidates and faculty. Candidates are not only prepared to teach; they are highly effective educators ready to meet the diversity and demands characterized by 21st century classrooms.

Our program offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (120 credit hours), which prepare future teacher for initial certification in teaching grades 2-6. The coursework is designed to prepare teacher candidates for success in the elementary classroom, certification in Elementary Education, and optional certification in Early Childhood Education.

Elementary Education Majors:

  • Spend an average of 1,200 hours in public school classrooms, including a year-long internship in their senior year;
  • Learn to develop research-based strategies to implement our belief that all children can learn; and
  • Are prepared to effectively integrate available technology and resources to reach all learners and connect them to the world beyond the classroom.


The first (and honestly most important) thing I love about this education program is the staff! The College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences professors are the best, hands down! Each and every professor I’ve had has taken the time to get to know me, support me and has motivated me to be the best I can be. They are truly the reason that this program is so amazing. Another thing I love about this program is the class size. Winthrop is known for having small classes but after speaking with fellow students in other majors, I believe education majors are one of the smallest. This has allowed me to form close relationships with many of my classmates which has turned us into a giant, supportive family. -- Hannah Davis '19


My favorite part of the program is the yearlong internship. I have the ability to see practices that I have learned about in my campus courses, in action in a real classroom. In addition to practicing and improving my instruction, I also have the ability to learn aspects of the teaching career that Winthrop can't necessarily teach in a course. For example, learning how to collaborate with professional colleagues and communicate with parents. My students see me as their teacher since I've been there since August, not just a classroom assistant. -- Baili Byrd '19


I would tell my friends that they are getting the absolute best education and experience from this program. As a rising senior, I can say that I already feel confident about my career choice and ready to take on a future job as an educator. The amazing field experiences have prepared me like no other. The faculty and staff in the College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences care about their students and want to see them succeed. -- Brooke Tyndall '19

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