College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences

Course Evaluations


1. Course/Instructor evaluations must be completed by the last class meeting through the designated online process (BlackBoard or Qualtrics).

2. Although an automatic final reminder is sent to all students who have not yet completed the evaluation, faculty are responsible for informing students of expectations and procedures in advance.

3. Results of course evaluations and summary data are provided electronically to the Department Chair after the grade submission deadline through a secure BlackBoard drive. After reviewing results the Department Chair will return the results electronically to the faculty member. A hard copy is maintained in the official faculty personnel file.


Faculty are encouraged to do some or all of the following to emphasize importance of completing course evaluations:

  • Send an e-mail concerning and discuss in class (when face-to-face or virtual sessions are included) the procedures used for response and deadlines for response.

  • Emphasize how the instructor uses or has used feedback to redesign.

  • Use dedicated class time to complete the evaluation. The faculty member may choose to ask a colleague to sit in the class at this time, but should not be present in the room during response time. Completing at beginning of class instead of the end is also helpful.

Sample Instruments

General Course Evaluation (PDF - 562KB)

Basic Instruction Course Evaluation (PDF 464KB)

Typically internship and practicum courses will have an experience-specific evaluation.