Winthrop University: CBA Faculty Profile - Guidry, Terri

Name:  Terri Guidry
Title:  Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
Education:  M.B.A., Winthrop University
B.S., Winthrop University
A.A.S., Information Systems, Anne Arundel
Office:  124 Thurmond Building   
Phone:  803/323-2546
Area(s):  Management Information Systems and Business Analytics, E-Commerce



College of Business Administration

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Terri Guidry joined the College of Business Administration in 2005. She holds a MBA from Winthrop University and completed additional graduate work in Computer Science at the University of West Georgia. Prior to becoming a full time faculty member, she served as an instructor and held the position of Data Management Coordinator for the college, working closely with the university's Department of Accreditation, Accountability and Academic Services. Current teaching assignments include Information Systems and Business Analytics (MGMT 341) and E-Commerce, (BADM 561).

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