Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies - Touchstone Courses

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Philosophy and Religious Studies

General Education Courses

Logic / Language / Semiotics

PHIL 220: Logic & Language
PHIL 371: LSAT Logic Puzzles & Arguments 

Global Perspectives

RELG 300: Introduction to World Religions
RELG 335: Buddhism
RELG 340: Hinduism

Historical Perspectives

PHIL 301: History of Philosophy - Ancient Period
PHIL 302: History of Philosophy - Modern Period
RELG 313: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
RELG 314: New Testament
RELG 320: Religion in America

Humanities & Arts

PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
RELG 101: Introduction to Religious Studies
RELG 220: Reading Biblical Texts
PHIL 230: Introduction to Ethics
RELG 313: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
RELG 314: New Testament
PHIL 315: Developments in Moral Reasoning
PHIL 333x: The Promise & Peril of Emerging Technologies
PHIL 565: Environmental Ethics
PHIL 575: Business Ethics

Intensive Writing

PHIL 495: Methods & Research Seminar in Philosophy
RELG 495: Methods & Research Seminar in Religious Studies

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Last Updated: 8/20/20