Philosophy and Religious Studies

Career Opportunities

Undergraduate majors in Philosophy and Religious Studies acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for an enormous range of non-academic jobs. The person skilled in analytic and critical thinking and who understands the deeper and ethical dimension of life is uniquely prepared not just for practical, on-the-job training, but for both vocational and non-vocational life. Our objective is to develop the conceptual understanding and critical thinking skills that define educated persons and prepare them for all aspects of life.

As a result, career opportunities for majors in Philosophy and Religious Studies are quite varied.

While some of the department's majors go on to graduate study in philosophy, religious studies, other humanities disciplines, and various professional schools such as law, business, and seminary, others have taken positions in banking, business, teaching, and public administration.  With their strong background in analytical and critical thinking, philosophy and religious studies majors are uniquely prepared not just for specific jobs, but for a broad array of career possibilities.