Philosophy and Religious Studies

Message from the Chair

GregOakesheadshotWelcome to the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies!

Our faculty members earned their degrees at some of the most prestigious universities in the world and are eager to guide you in your study of Philosophy and Religion.

Philosophy and Religious Studies are related because they address human life's most basic issues and questions. Yet, they differ in the way they address those questions and the variety of approaches they use.

Our program will teach you to think clearly and critically; to solve problems; to communicate thoughtfully; to understand different perspectives and to disagree respectfully. These are all things employers are looking for in a college graduate.

A Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion is already an interdisciplinary degree in itself, but it also connects you to so many interests and prepares you for so many possibilities. You'll be a broadly educated thinker no matter what your next step will be.

We'll help you get ready for a life you love in all kinds of professions. You'll have a chance to study abroad and to do meaningful research. You'll study things that people are passionate about. You'll be ready to make a difference!     


Gregory M. Oakes
Interim Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies