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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Study Abroad - Suggested Plans of Study

The following links provide suggested plans of study for Philosophy & Religious Studies students interested in studying abroad. It is important to note that these plans of study are not the only ones imaginable. The PHIL-RELG major is incredibly flexible, and study abroad at many sites around the globe is very workable. Our goal is to demonstrate an example of how a student might arrange their program to include long-term study abroad.

So please bear in mind that these plans of study are not hard-and-fast, and your plan can be adapted to your particular interest, choice of minor or double major, and personal interests.

Each of these plans of study for B.A. in Philosophy & Religious Studies presumes that you also declare an 18-hour minor. If you choose a minor that requires more than 18 hours, you will, obviously, have to complete more courses in the minor. The phrase "minor requirement" refers to a course taken to complete your minor. It may be a requirement of the particular minor program, or an applicable elective.

B.A. in Philosophy & Religious Studies - Philosophy Track

Panama City, Panama (Florida State University) (pdf 64k)

B.A. in Philosophy & Religious Studies - Religion Track

Osaka, Japan (Kansai Gaidai University) (pdf 65k)

B.A. in Philosophy & Religious Studies - Combined Track

Panama City, Panama (Florida State University) (pdf 65k)

While every effort has been made to ensure that these suggested plans of study meet existing graduation requirements, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you meet all University requirements. When planning your course selections, whether at Winthrop University or abroad, you should regularly consult with your academic advisor, and your catalog.

Last Updated: 8/20/20