Human Nutrition

Dietetic Internship


What do recent graduates of the Winthrop University Dietetic Internship have to say about their internship experiences?
  • "The Internship was intense, tiring, challenging, and well worth every minute of my time. The faculty did a great job in assigning me to preceptors that were in line with my goals and aspirations. My faculty advisor was always there when I needed her."
  • "The program gave me the hands-on experience that I needed to feel confident in my clinical skills and the ability to begin my career in dietetics."
  • "It's a wonderful opportunity for someone who is independent and confident in entering and working in many different environments"
  • "Be prepared to work hard because the internship is very intense."
  • "The best aspect of my experience was the opportunity to do real dietetics work, independently, and hands-on — not just book work or observational type work."