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Human Nutrition


The offices, instructional and research laboratories of the Department of Human Nutrition are located on the third floor of Dalton Hall on the Winthrop University campus. Facilities within Dalton Hall include seven faculty offices, one administrative office, one graduate assistant/resource room with study carrels each equipped with a computer, one storage/duplicating room, one mailroom, and a conference room which accommodates approximately 12 people. In addition, one food-testing laboratory and a food demonstration laboratory/classroom are located on the third floor of Dalton Hall. The food-testing laboratory has five food preparation units and is equipped to accommodate a maximum of 15 students. The food-demonstration laboratory/classroom is used for small food and nutrition classes and can accommodate up to 20 students. The food demonstration classroom like other lecture rooms on campus is equipped with power point and ELMO capacity. 

Students Feet

Six nutrition research laboratories, designed to support faculty and undergraduate and graduate student research, are available, as well as a supply room and balance room. Equipment currently available includes:

  • InBody 520 Biospace Body Composition Analyzer (2)
  • Oxygen bomb calorimeter
  • SAHARA clinical bone sonometer
  • Small desk-top centrifuges (3)
  • Soxhlet fat extractor

Other equipment is available on a loan basis from the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Geology.

Last Updated: 12/5/19