Medical Lactation

Medical Lactation

Program Mission*

The mission of the Winthrop University Human Lactation Training Program is twofold: increase the diversity of practicing IBCLCs in the state of South Carolina, and prepare competent, entry-level lactation consultants through comprehensive didactic experiences and applied professional experiences to satisfy the requirements for eligibility to take the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) Certification Exam.

Becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

  1. Be a recognized healthcare professional (PDF - 121KB) or complete education in each of the 14 health science subjects (PDF - 298KB)

  2. Complete 90 hours of lactation specific education within 5 years immediately prior to applying for the examination.

    1. Pathway 3 (Winthrop University): 96 lactation-specific education contact hours

  3. Complete an IBLCE Application to complete a Pathway 3 lactation training program.

  4. Complete directly supervised lactation-specific clinical practice within the 5 years immediately prior to applying for the examination.

    1. Pathway 3 (Winthrop University): 500 clinical hours

  5. Apply for and pass the IBLCE certifying examination.

Program Cost *






Full-time students

NUTR 421/620

Nutrition Through the Lifespan/

Maternal and Child Nutrition

$1,905.00 $3,687.00

Courses included in full-time tuition;

Resident: $7,615.00 per semester; 

Non-resident: $14,743.00 per semester

NUTR 535

Introduction to Medical Lactation 

$1,905.00 $3,687.00

NUTR 536

Medical Lactation Therapy

$1,905.00 $3,687.00

NUTR 590

500-hour Clinical Practicum

$3,175.00 $6,145.00

Certificate Total

$8,890.00 $17,206.00

*These costs are an estimate based on 2018-2019 per-credit hour tuition charges. Please note that if you are enrolling the in the graduate level certificate program and you live in the nearby Charlotte area, you can qualify for in-state tuition through Winthrop's participation in the Charlotte Regional Partnership.

The most up to date tuition and fee information can be found here.

Criteria for Successful Completion of Course

All students completing NUTR 535 (Introduction to Medical Lactation) and 536 (Medical Lactation Therapy) will have completed 96 contact hours in lactation-specific education. In order to receive credit for NUTR 535 and NUTR 536, students must finish the course with a minimum grade of B- (80%). Students completing 5 credits of NUTR 590 (Lactation Clinical Practicum) including all IBLCE paperwork, will have 500 clinical hours supervised by an IBCLC and will be eligible to register for the IBCLC certifying examination. IBLCE offers the IBCLC certifying examination twice per calendar year: April (registration deadline: November; date announced by IBLCE) and October (registration deadline: May; date announced by IBLCE).

Policy and Procedure for Cancellation of Course Offering

In the event that the course does not have enough registered students to be offered, the course will be cancelled and all students will be notified. If the course is not offered, a full refund of any tuition or fees paid for participation in the course will be processed.

Application/Registration Process

Current students of Winthrop University can register for the appropriate courses (NUTR 421, 620, 535, or 536) during their assigned registration period as long as all prerequisites have been completed or with instructor permission.

Students interested in applying to Winthrop University only to complete the Human Lactation Training Program will apply directly through Winthrop’s online application portal.

After completion of all the lactation didactic requirements (NUTR 535 and NUTR 536 or applicable alternate lactation education), a supplemental application for NUTR 590 is completed and submitted to Dr. Hope Lima ( and a subsequent interview is conducted. Students will be accepted into the NUTR 590 clinical practicum based on clinical site availability.

Last Updated: 1/13/20