Human Nutrition

Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) Verification

To obtain a DPD verification statement from Winthrop, students should contact the DPD Director after completing all DPD coursework. Undergraduates must also have completed the BS degree in order to obtain DPD verification. Eligible students will receive three original copies of the verification statement. Students must keep these documents in a secure location indefinitely.

Students earning DPD verification from Winthrop are not guaranteed acceptance into Winthrop's or any other institution's internship program.

Upon receiving a copy of your verification please keep one copy for your state licensing board for those states who license dietetic professionals. 


Online Course Structure

For a fully-online course your maybe taking activities and resources can be found through our course website on Blackboard. At designated times throughout the semester, you may will participate in a blend of self-paced and group-paced activities using Blackboard tools such as discussion forums, assignments, announcements, e-mail, journaling, and wikis. All of the learning activities will be completed in your own time so long as they are completed by the dates and times shown in the course schedule.


Technology Requirements


Blackboard & Technical Assistance

If you are having problems accessing your Winthrop e-mail, accessing Blackboard, or accessing Wingspan, Contact the Winthrop Service Desk:

If you are having problems, submitting an assignment, accessing your course, something in the course seems broken (i.e. video, hyperlink, interactive), Contact Technical Support:

  • E-mail: 
  • Phone: 833/345-1799
  • Hours: Technical Support is available 24/7, 365 days a year for student course support. If they are unable to resolve a problem immediately, they will escalate to others that can assist.

Campus Resources for Online Learners 

Students who are enrolled in online courses are entitled to the campus resources made available to on-campus students. These resources included admissions counseling, library, student services, and recreational facilities. Questions regarding access to these resources should be directed to the assigned academic advisor.