Name:  Bryan McFadden
Title:  Adjunct Faculty of Geography
Education:  M.S., Geography, Texas A&M University

B.S., Geography, Texas A&M University
Office:  106 Bancroft Hall   
Phone:  803/323-2282
Area(s):  Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Economic Geography


College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty & Staff Profiles

Professor McFadden has taught at Winthrop for several years, and formerly served as the Director of the Geography program. After receiving undergraduate and master's degrees in geography from Texas A&M University, he went to work for the Texas General Land Office as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyst, mapping coastal environmental resources and performing oil spill response mapping and damage assessment activities.

After two years at the Land Office, McFadden moved to Colorado to work for a new satellite imaging company called Space Imaging. He worked for Space Imaging for nine years, and prior to leaving Space Imaging for the Carolinas he was the director of commercial solutions, managing Space Imaging's commercial consulting offices across the country.

While in Colorado, McFadden also worked for Motorola in between stints at Space Imaging. He managed mapping operations for Motorola's Integrated Solutions Division, which developed Computer Aided Dispatch systems for emergency response.

As part of the geospatial technologies industry McFadden has been involved in projects around the world dealing with data acquisition from airborne and satellite platforms, feature extraction, cartographic map production, GIS application development, and new product development.

At Winthrop, McFadden teaches various courses ranging from global perspectives ("Human Geography," "World Regional Geography," "Economic Geography," "Global Environment and Sustainability") to regional focus courses (Latin America, Middle East, Africa) to geospatial technologies ("GIS and Remote Sensing").

McFadden is married and while they have no children, they have many pets.