Name:  Nikita Marsh
Title:  Adjunct Faculty
Education:  MSW, Winthrop University
Phone:  803/323-2168
Area(s):  Children and Families; SW with a PROP (Power, Race, Oppression, and Privilege) lens, Macro Practice


College of Arts and Sciences

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Nikita Marsh is a graduate of Winthrop University, where she obtained both her Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Social Work degrees. Throughout her career, she has led children services' programs in North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. These experiences have allowed her to understand the need for competent and compassionate service provision across the human services arena which motivates her desire for teaching. And as such, she strongly believes that it is necessary to cultivate a new generation of social workers that can provide open and objective reflections to the way we serve our clients. Mrs. Marsh is passionate about social work advocacy and the opportunity to be a voice for those who are unable to speak for themselves.