Name:  Duha Hamed
Title:  Associate Professor
Education:  PhD, Statistics, Central Michigan University
|MS, Mathematics, The University of Jordan
Office:  150 Bancroft Hall   
Phone:  803/323-4567 


College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty & Staff Profiles

Duha Hamed is an Associate Professor at Winthrop University, where she has taught since August 2016. She completed her doctoral degree in mathematical statistics in May 2016 from Central Michigan University.

Dr. Hamed recently won one of the two MAA Southeastern Section Distinguished Teaching Awards.  

Dr. Hamed loves teaching, supervising students’ research, helping students overcome their math anxiety, as well as interacting with them through extracurricular events by being the faculty advisor for the math club known as “NERD” (Nu Epsilon Rho Delta).  

Dr. Hamed primary research interest is the study of generalized statistical distributions. In addition, Dr. Hamed is interested in math/statistics educational research and interdisciplinary research studies.    

Dr. Hamed is passionate about spreading awareness regarding humanitarian causes including immigrants and refugees’ rights and their integration in society, global peace and solidarity, Palestinian culture, and advocacy of international students. During her years at Winthrop, she has led and participated in many cultural events on and off campus.    

In addition to her fascination with statistical distributions and peace and justice, she enjoys running and is looking forward to running all of the 6 major marathons in the world from which she already ran the Chicago one."