Partnerships with the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America Local Troops.

Winthrop University is proud to partner with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to provide opportunities for Boy Scout Eagle Award Projects or Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, or Gold Projects.

Watch this space for project ideas and see how the projects evolve.

Projects may be on Winthrop University's main campus (701 Oakland Avenue) or the Recreation and Research Complex (i.e. "the Farm"), located about one mile east of the main campus on Eden Terrace Avenue. The Winthrop Farm has a number of spaces used by Biology students for teaching and learning. They include a wetlands, lake, woods, and succession plots, whereby students can observe changes in the environment. For more information about new and complete scout projects, visit the Scout Projects website.

    1. Carnivorous Plant Garden by Boy Scout Don Barnes, Troop 205, The Johnsonian - Eagles in the Making
    2. Wetlands Sign and Platform by Boy Scout Levi Ward, Troop 276
    3. Bird and Bat Houses at the Farm by Boy Scout Bennet Whitcomb, Troop 276
    4. Succession Plot Signs and Surveyingby David Arce, Troop
    5. Pollinator Habitat
    6. Picnic Tables for Teaching/Research Shelter by Boy Scout Elliot Mackey, Troop 925
    7. Winthrop Woods Markers by William Lewis, Troop 925 (in progress)