Winthrop University Biology Department

The Department of Biology at Winthrop University features a challenging but rewarding curriculum taught by an experienced, enthusiastic faculty. The biology major allows students to tailor their programs beyond the major's core curriculum to meet their specific needs.

Biology is frequently chosen by students with career interests related to medicine, health sciences, botany, zoology, molecular biology, environmental and conservation biology, teaching and secondary education in the sciences and other careers. Small classes (averaging 20-24 students in labs) ensure that students have the opportunity to take advantage of interaction with their instructors.

Department of Biology Degrees & Programs

    General Advising for Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology Degree & BS in Biology with a Concentration. 

    Students may choose General Biology or a concentration in Biomedical Research, Conservation Biology, Medical Technology or obtain Teacher Certification in Secondary Education.

    Advising for Biology Concentrations (PDF-124KB)

    1. Conservation Biology
    2. Medical Technology
    3. Teacher in Secondary Education
    4. Biomedical Research

    General Advising for BS in Biology (PDF-124KB) 

    Biology Road maps   

    • Examples of 4-year course schedules in Biology

    Biology Advising Bachelor of Science (BS) with Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)

    The Biology Department is now offering a Medical Laboratory Scientist (a.k.a. medical technologist) program through a partnership with the Carolina College of Health Science in Charlotte, NC, where students complete the MLS program while finishing their BS in Biology. Upon successful completion of the program, students will possess entry-level competencies of a MLS and are eligible to sit for the American Society of Clinical Pathologists national certification exam.

    Accelerated Bachelor of Science (BS) & Masters of Science (MS)

    The department offers coursework and research opportunities with faculty leading to the MS degree. Undergraduate biology majors can complete up to 9 hours of courses for graduate credit and count the work toward their Master’s degree in biology. After one year as a graduate student, students in this program receive both the B.S. and the M.S degrees in 5 years.

    Students with other majors can choose to minor in Biology or General Science.

    Department of Biology Pre-Professional Programs

    1. Advising for Pre-Professional Programs
      • Pre-Medical Laboratory Scientist
      • Pre-Dental
      • Pre-Medicine
      • Pre-MS/PhD
      • Pre-Occupational Therapy
      • Pre-Osteopath
      • Pre-Pharmacy
      • Pre-Physical Therapy
      • Pre-Physician Assistant
      • Pre-Veterinary
      • Secondary certification in Biology
      • Winthrop Master's Program in Biology

    Co-Curricular programs for biology majors that help students succeed

      1. Bench 2 Bedside (B2B)
      2. Biology 220 & Biology 221 Enhanced (BIOL220E & BIOL221E)

Department of Biology Highlights

    SC AHEC Health Careers Program Live Webinars

    Several statewide education seminars will be offered during the academic year, conducted virtually by video conference. Students will learn more about health careers, public health topics, personal health, and understanding the healthcare needs of South Carolina.

    Each semester the Biology Department invites scientists and professionals from other universities, industries, research institutions and government agencies to present their work to our students and faculty. Many of the speakers also provide information about graduate and professional programs and/or employment opportunities in their respective fields. Seminars are held from 3:30pm to 4:45pm via this Biology seminars ZOOM link, just click to go directly to the seminars. Any student or faculty member wanting to attend should contact Jennifer Schafer, PhD at or Daniel Stovall, PhD at

    Conservation & Environmental Professions Connection

    Joining the CEPC will provide you with access to free information and services that will assist you in your pursuit of a career in a conservation or environmental field during your time at Winthrop. Information, resources, and opportunities for students planning to pursue careers in conservation and environmental fields. Operates as a Blackboard organization.

    Health Professions Connection

    Organization of faculty from three Winthrop University colleges that serve students interested in pursuing health professions: Athletic Training, Biology, Chemistry, Exercise Science, Gerontology, Health and Education, Healthcare Management, Human Nutrition, and Social Work. The group coordinates programing to enhance the educational experiences and academic advising for students interested in pursuing health professions. Information, resources, and opportunities for students planning on pursuing careers in the healthcare industry. Currently operating as a Blackboard organization.


    The department has an Internship Coordinator who helps students establish internships that often serve as stepping-stones to employment and entry into professional careers. Students can earn academic credit.

    Undergraduate Research

    Students conduct undergraduate research with faculty mentors in well-equipped labs and/or field study sites, and they present their work at local, regional and national scientific meetings. Students are also encouraged to present their work at the department seminar series where they are awarded a lab coat from their faculty mentors. Students can earn academic credit.

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