Enhanced Versions of Biology Classes

The enhanced versions of our introductory biology classes, BIOL 220E and 221E sections, are part of an effort to strengthen students’ study skills while they are taking the introductory biology lecture courses through skill building exercises (metacognition) and group study.  Students who took the “enhanced” courses, including Biology, Athletic Training, Biology, Chemistry, and Exercise Science majors, indicated the enhanced portion of the course made a tremendous difference in their ability to succeed in their classes.

See testimonials below for the BIOL 204E courses. It helped those who already considered themselves to be good students as well as those students who felt they needed more help.

Some of the topics covered include: time management, note taking, reading science textbooks, previewing material before lectures, studying for a science test, concept mapping, learning to concentrate, and more.  Several students also reported it helped them in their other courses.

You will notice on Wingspan that the BIOL 220E or 221E version of your class will still meet and complete the requirements (exams and other assignments) with the rest of the class during the Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday lectures, but there will be mandatory Friday supplemental instruction sessions for "E" students that will be facilitated by a Biology Department graduate student in collaboration with the course instructor.

The class is open to all students regardless of their major or relative strength as a student - it will help everyone.

Testimonials from students who have taken the original E course (BIOL204E) over the last several years:

  • “Loved 204E, extremely helpful, could not have gotten the grade I got without it.”
  • “Yes, it helped me develop a better understanding for biology as well as develop better study habits.”
  • “There was an extremely helpful balance [of metacognition and course material]. The material allowed me to practice the metacognitive exercises, but also not make it feel like another lecture class.”
  • “Instead of having a professor lead it, I thought it was a good idea [to have a graduate student] because she could relate to us more.” 
  • “I did find it helpful in learning study skills and how to improve the way I personally prepared myself for class” 
  • “I absolutely loved this class, it was extremely helpful! Make sure you let students know that this is a great way to get that A in intro bio!” 
  • “I have bad time management, and this class helped me manage my time more efficiently” 
  • “Yes, I did find this class helpful. I am not really a person to study outside of class, so this the projects that were assigned it forced me to look at the material and realize how much that improves my scores.” 
  • “Yes, the course provided me with study tools that are easy to use and can be applied to my field” 
  • “Yes, it helped me to evaluate myself an made me develop new smart techniques for studying, time management, and planning.”