Winthrop University: DiGiorgio Campus Center - Campus Center League Fall 2018
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Campus Center League Spring 2019

The Campus Center League is late night programming that is held every Thursday Night at 10 PM. Students will compete with each other to gain points and become the Campus Center League Champion.

The more events you participate in, the more points you will be able to obtain. Attending Campus Center League events and/or placing top three in any of Campus Center League tournaments will be granted points.
The league events will take place in the Campus Center each Thursday night.
At the end of the semester whoever has the most points will be crowned the semester champion of the league and placed on a plaque to be displayed throughout time!

1st Place will get first pick of 5 prizes. 2nd Place will get second pick and 3rd Place will get last pick etc. 
First Place Prize: Up to $250
Second Place : Up to $200
Third through Fifth: Up to $100




Thursday, February 28th 10PM
MARIO CART Tournament Sponsored by the Campus Center
Participate : 15 Points
1st: 20 Points + Participation Points 15 = 35 Points
2nd:15 Points + Participation Points 15 = 30 Points
3rd: 10 points + Participation Points 15 = 25 Points
4th: 5 points + Participation Points 15 = 20 Points


Thursday, March 7th
Party Cup Games Tournament
Participate: 15 Points
1st: 5 Points Each Game

Thursday, March 21st 
Late Night Zumba
Participate: 15 Points

Thursday, March 28th
 Crafts Night Sponsored by the Student Organizations
 Participate: 15 Points
 Social Media Challenge
 Tag @wu_digs in your artwork 
 20 Likes or more = 5 Points
 40 Likes or more = 10 Points
 60 Likes or more = 15 Points


Thursday, April 4th
 Hip Hop Cardio Sponsored by Recreation Services
 Participate:15 Points

 Thursday, April 11th
Thursday, April 18th 
Campus Center League Champion Ceremony



For more information please contact Jerry Fussell
Phone (803)-323-4812 

Last Updated: 6/13/19