Faculty/Staff Directory

Our First-gen faculty and staff are excellent resources for help and support. If you are a faculty/staff member and would like to be added to our directory, please email studentaffairs@mailbox.winthrop.edu

Name Email Address Department Campus Mailing Address
Jared Androzzi androzzij@winthrop.edu Physical Education, Sports & Human Performance  216F West Center
Adolphus Belk, Jr. belka@winthrop.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion & Legal Studies 332 Bancroft 
Kori Bloomquist bloomquistk@winthrop.edu Social Work 128 Bancroft
Kinyata Adams Brown


Student Engagement & Diversity 269 DiGiorgio
Shelia Higgs Burkhalter


Student Affairs 238 DiGiorgio
Whitney Campbell campbellws@winthrop.edu Admissions 121 Joynes
Fatima Castro castrof@winthrop.edu Admissions 222 Joynes
Amanda Cavin cavina@winthrop.edu Eagle STEM 113A Sims
Catherine Chang changc@winthrop.edu History 374 Bancroft
Nicole Chisari chisarin@winthrop.edu  University Communications & Marketing 200 Tillman
Adriana Cordis cordisa@winthrop.edu Accounting, Finance & Economics 421 Thurmond
Kelly Costner costnerk@winthrop.edu Education 204 Withers 
Heather DeLux deluxh@winthrop.edu  Online Learning 307J Tillman
O. Jennifer Dixon-McKnight dmcknightoj@winthrop.edu History 370 Bancroft
Jane Eckert eckertj@winthrop.edu Online Learning 307D Tillman
Sara English englishs@winthrop.edu Social Work 121 Bancroft 
Terri Guidry guidryt@winthrop.edu Management & Marketing 124 Thurmond
Crystal Glover gloverc@winthrop.edu Curriculum & Pedagogy 204 Withers
Scott Huffmon huffmons@winthrop.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion & Legal Studies  344 Bancroft 
Kevin Hughes hughesk@winthrop.edu Advancement 206 Tillman
Miranda Knight knightm@winthrop.edu Dean of Students 246 DiGiorgio
Heather Listhartke listhartkeh@winthrop.edu English 230 Bancroft
Alicia Marstall marstalla@winthrop.edu New Student & Family Programs 248 DiGiorgio
Kim Painter painterk@winthrop.edu Chemistry 107A Sims
Dave Pretty prettyd@winthrop.edu History 360 Bancroft 
Veronica Rector rectorv@winthrop.edu Counseling Services  311 Joynes 
Hannah Richards richardsh@winthrop.edu Accounting, Finance & Economics 113 Thurmond
Darren Ritzer


Psychology 122 Kinard
Kevin Sheppard sheppardk@winthrop.edu Title IX & ADA Compliance  105 Tillman
Daniel Stovall stovalld@winthrop.edu Biology 214 Dalton
Stephanie Sutton suttons@winthrop.edu Fine Arts 248 McLaurin
Kyle Sweeney sweeneyk@winthrop.edu Fine Arts 102 McLaurin
Anna Triester  triestera@winthrop.edu Procurement 210 Tillman
Vanessa Valdez valdezv@winthrop.edu CBA Student Services 228 Thurmond
Ellen Wilder-Byrd wilderbyrde@winthrop.edu University Communications & Marketing 200 Tillman 
Sherri Wilson wilsons@winthrop.edu CAS Student Services 106B Kinard
Janet Wojcik wojcikj@winthrop.edu Physical Education, Sport & Human Performance  216 West Center