Anne Springs Close Silver Anniversary Alumni Award

The Anne Springs Close Silver Anniversary Alumni Award recognizes an outstanding graduate of the Close Scholar program who embodies the values of the program and has continued to make a positive impact in their community through active volunteerism. To be eligible for nomination, candidates must meet the following criteria: 

Anne Springs Close

  1. Close Scholar Program Graduate: Nominees must have successfully completed the requirements of the program and graduated as a Close Scholar in good standing from Winthrop University. 
  2. Community Engagement: Nominees should demonstrate a sustained commitment to volunteering and serving their local communities. This can include, but is not limited to, involvement with non-profit organizations, community service initiatives, mentorship programs, or other philanthropic endeavors. 
  3. Gainful Employment: Nominees must be currently employed in a professional capacity, either full-time or part-time, in any field or industry. 

The Springs Close Foundation has served York, Lancaster, and Chester counties for 82 years. As part of this award, the Foundation is offering a $10,000 grant to be awarded to one of their long-standing grantees, all of whom embrace the mission to provide basic needs of food, shelter, and emergency medical assistance to those in need. In addition, the Foundation supports projects in the Chester County School District, Fort Mill School District, and the Lancaster County School District. A list of eligible grantees will be made available once a winner has been selected.

Nominations statements should provide a comprehensive overview of the nominee's qualifications, highlighting their achievements, contributions, and the positive impact they have made through their volunteer efforts. While there is no specific time frame or time requirement for volunteer service, the nomination should emphasize the nominee's ongoing dedication and activement involvement in the community. The statement should also underscore the nominee's professional accomplishments and how their employment has enabled them to embody the values of the Close Scholar Program. 

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