Junior Year Study Abroad

The late Mrs. Anne Springs Close desired for all Close Scholars to have a study abroad experience. In January 2022, the Springsteen Foundation approved funding to support the Junior Year Study Abroad Program in her honor. 

Scholars may choose the duration of their trip, though a six-week summer program is typical. Scholars may travel in the summer preceding their junior year, during their junior year, or in the summer following their junior year. 

Program Goals 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and their environments
  • Engage with differing perspectives and experiences while learning what it means to be in community with others 
  • Demonstrate a global mindset and appreciation for cultural differences 

Program Requirements 

  • Partake in educational and cultural experiences 
  • Participate in community service with a local non-governmental organization to gain volunteer hours 
  • Reflect in a blog post highlighting an experience or learning opportunity from the trip

Karl Vogl study abroad program impact