Scholar Profiles - Nastajia Hamilton

Name: Nastajia Hamilton

Classification: Senior

Major: Psychology with a minor in Music

Hometown: Manning, South Carolina

Primary Volunteering Site: York County Free Clinic

What makes the Close Scholars Program special to you?

Becoming a part of the Close Scholars Program has impacted my appreciation and passion for service like never before. As a servant leader, gaining the ability to put a smile on someone’s face just because I made their daily life a little bit easier in some way is beyond wholesome and fulfilling. The main thing that makes the Close Scholars Program so special to me is the fact that whether I’m volunteering at the clinic, on the campus of Winthrop, or in the city of Rock Hill, I always feel a sense of community because I can be a part of something bigger than myself whenever I serve.

What do you love about the Close Scholars Program?

As a member of the Close Scholars Program, I love how welcoming it was coming into Winthrop University as a first-year student. The program made sure I was able to find a suitable community site whenever I was having trouble. The program also provides us with fun activities and sessions free of cost so that we can bond with our fellow scholars. In addition, Ms. Close and the rest of the Springs Close Foundation welcomed me as well as the rest of the incoming scholars with open arms and treated us to dinner. Being treated and welcomed with such high regard lets me know that the Close Scholars Program truly cares for its scholars.

Why should incoming first-year students apply to the Close Scholars Program?

Incoming first-year students should apply to the Close Scholars Program because it provides so many priceless opportunities that you cannot get anywhere else. You are given the chance to network with service-driven individuals just like you as well as make connections with others on campus and beyond. You also gain endless amounts of leadership experience that you can carry into your degree as well as your future career. Furthermore, you can continue your passion for service in ways that you might not have been able to on the high-school level.

As a servant leader, what advice do you have for Winthrop students in general?

Serve with your heart, not your mind. While serving, you will encounter many times where your mind is telling you one thing, but deep down your heart is telling you to do another. Instead of constantly rationalizing or micromanaging every step you take as a servant leader, leave room to lead with your heart. It will allow you to touch the community in ways that your mind never could.

What has been your favorite community service experience and why?

One day while I was working at the York County Free Clinic, I was helping out a patient over the phone. After I finished helping them, the patient stopped to tell me that I was a diamond. I asked him why and he replied, “You have helped me in ways that no one else would, with such a kind, warm heart.” His words warmed my heart and put a smile on my face that lasted for the rest of my shift. I will never forget that day because it was the moment that I learned the true impact of my service at the clinic.

Fun Fact :-)

I love to sing, dance, and I have been playing the clarinet for seven years.

Favorite Book

"Rose Madder" by Stephen King

Favorite Hobby

Listening to all kinds of music.