Scholar Profiles - Josiah Mugabe

Name: Josiah Mugabe

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Primary Volunteering Site: Hospice and Community Care

Why should incoming first-year students apply to the Close Scholars Program?

For incoming students especially, I would recommend it because it allows you to experience the environment that you will hopefully be spending the next four years of your life at. Obviously there’s the scholarship money along with it, but it allows you to learn more about the area you live in, including Rock Hill and Charlotte, because you have to go and explore to find a community service site that will fit you.

As a servant leader, what advice do you have for Winthrop students in general?

Go out and volunteer. My business professor has always harped on me about making connections. Even if you don’t like the idea of working for free, it gives you the opportunity to have experience in whatever you choose to do, make connections that may help you in the future, and, most importantly, allows you to experience and give back to your community.

What has been your favorite community service experience?

My favorite community service experience was with my high school. We had a Black history month program where we modeled clothes from different times and cultures, along with spoken words and songs. I modeled traditional African clothing and recited a poem. It was my favorite because I loved being able to present to my community part of my history and culture.

Favorite Book

"39 Clues: Black Book of Buried Secrets"

Favorite Hobby

Playing ping pong