Scholar Profiles - Isabelle Roddy

Name: Isabelle Roddy 

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Chapin, South Carolina

Primary Volunteering Site: York County Council on Aging Meals on Wheels 

Why did you choose to apply to the Close Scholars program?

Service is my passion, so I was delighted to find a group of like-minded people!

What do you look forward to as a part of the Close Scholars program?

Forming relationships with all kinds of people.

Why is being a servant leader important to you, and why should it be important to others?

Because it helps not only you but the community thrive; it benefits all people.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

After I attain my undergraduate degree I plan on working as a child-welfare social worker while pursuing my Master's in Clinical Social Work.

What is your favorite thing to do on campus or in the surrounding areas?

Go for walks! I love to be active, and it is a beautiful area.

Where is your favorite place to travel to and why, or where would you like to travel to and why? 

I love the mountains, they just provide me a sense of peace I get nowhere else. I've always wanted to travel to Ireland. My family immigrated from Ireland a few generations back, and I have red hair myself-- I feel like I belong there!

Fun fact?

I am a major fan of coffee-- I'll drink all types, and I love to learn about how it's made.