Scholar Profiles - Chia Yang

Name: Chia Yang

Classification: Graduate

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Richburg, South Carolina

Primary Volunteering Site: Fort Lawn Community Center

What makes the Close Scholars Program special to you?

Close Scholars is a special program to me because it enables me to do what I enjoy doing while in college.

What do you love about the Close Scholars Program?

I love knowing that there are similar people like me with the same passion, ambition and love for helping others.

Why should incoming first-year students apply to the Close Scholars Program?

The Close Scholars Program helps you become a better person through learning about your community. There are so many things going around you that you might not know, and with the Close Scholars Program, they help you seek the new knowledge and understanding you did not have.

As a servant leader, what advice do you have for Winthrop students in general?

Never stop challenging yourself to new things because you never know what will happen.

What has been your favorite community service experience?

My favorite community service experience so far is organizing a fresh-food distribution in Lancaster, South Carolina. I was an intern at the Arras Foundation at the time and I took on this challenge to help HOPE in Lancaster distribute fresh produce because most distributions are canned or non-perishable foods. It was absolutely challenging, but it was fun and I learned a lot along the way.

Fun Fact :-)

I am a Hmong American.

Favorite Book

"How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie

Favorite Performer

Maa Vue

Favorite Hobby

Trying new things