Scholar Profiles - Audrey Burris

Name: Audrey Burriss

Classification: Junior

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Anderson, South Carolina

Primary Volunteering Site: Anne Springs Close Greenway

What makes the Close Scholars Program special to you?

It helps me recenter myself on what is important. I know that volunteering is important to me, and Close Scholars helps me to keep volunteering as a priority along with school.

What do you love about the Close Scholars Program?

I love the people it has introduced me to. I am able to talk and learn from people who are like-minded and are going through the same experience as me.

Why should incoming first-year students apply to the Close Scholars Program?

It is great to find something you are passionate about and find a community that will support you on that journey. If you are an incoming freshman and feel called to service, Close Scholars is definitely the program for you.

As a servant leader, what advice do you have for Winthrop students in general?

Finding a balance is always difficult and always will be; however, finding a community can help you carry that load.

What has been your favorite community service experience and why?

For my first field project with the Close Scholars, we were volunteering at the Rock Hill Community Garden. I was so scared because I didn’t know anyone yet. As the hours went on it became easier and easier. By the time we left, all of that anxiety that I had felt before was no longer there. That experience helped me feel like I belonged with this group of scholars and is one of my favorite memories of the Close Scholars Program thus far.

Fun Fact :-)

I can sing the ABCs with my mouth closed.

Favorite Book

I love "The Darkest Minds" book series.

Favorite Performer

Between Andra Day and Adele. I love a powerful and soulful voice.

Favorite Hobby

I love to sing.