Winthrop University: Printing Services - Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Information
Printing Services
105 McBryde Hall
Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA
803/323-2221 (Phone)
803/323-2450 (Fax)

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ question   How do I get in touch with Printing Services?

FAQ Answer   Printing Services may be contacted by:
Phone: 803/323-2221
Fax: 803/323-2450 
Location: 105 McBryde Hall

FAQ question   What file format do you prefer?

FAQ Answer   PDFs are the best file format for all copy jobs. To convert an Office document to pdf, go to File > Print and change your printer from your default to Adobe PDF.

FAQ question   What is the difference in copying versus printing?

FAQ Answer   Copying is toner based and done on a B/W or color copier.  Printing is a process that requires metal or digital film-based plates for each color, along with a solvent-based ink.

FAQ question  How long will it take to complete my request for printing, copying, and/or binding?

FAQ Answer   Upon final sign-off of any work that requires typesetting, University Communications and Marketing approval, or customer requested proof, factor in:

  • 5-7 working days for one, or two-color letterhead, envelopes, postcards, etc.
  • 5-10 working days for any project that may require extensive handwork.
  • 1-2 working days for any copying if no hand bindery is required.
  • 1-2 working days for bindery such as folding, stapling, three hole drilling, etc.

FAQ question   How much does it cost to make copies on my departmental copier versus sending it to Printing Services?

FAQ Answer   The cost is .045 per copy on departmental copiers and .0285 per copy in Printing Services. This cost does not include paper or any other services that might be associated with your request.

FAQ question   How long does it take to typeset a job?

FAQ Answer   The time is determined by how many prior requests are before your submission, in addition to the number of pages that will be typeset and the complexity of the job.  Any scanning of artwork will increase turnaround time, as will not providing text in a digital format to begin with.

FAQ question   Can I have personal work done in Printing Services?

FAQ Answer   Yes. Contact Printing Services for more information and prices. There is a $5 minimum charge for any job for personal work, and may be paid for via check or credit card.

FAQ question  What are the standard paper colors in Printing Services?

FAQ Answer   Printing Services keeps a broad array of paper colors in stock:

  • Standard 20lb colors are blue, green, yellow, pink, orchid, and goldenrod.
  • Fluorescent colors are lunar blue, celestial blue, cosmic orange, gamma green, lift-off lemon, rocket red, pulsar pink, planetary purple and gold.
  • Letterhead paper stocks are warm-white and bright white linen.
  • Matching cardstock colors are available for most standard colors

Special paper colors are ordered on an as-needed basis.

FAQ question   Can I place an online order without submitting a printing request form?

FAQ Answer   You may email a copy of a signed print request form and your files to, or, you may fax your completed form to 803/323-2450.

FAQ question   Can students request copies?

FAQ Answer   Yes.  Students can request any of the services provided. Payment for services will be applied to the student's Winthrop account.

FAQ question   Do you have a price list of things that can be requested?

FAQ Answer   Printing Services has a basic price list, but a large percentage of requests for printing are unique in that it may involve several different processes and therefore require a quote to determine the most efficient way to produce the work. Basic black and white copying can be determined by the price given in a previously asked question on this page.  On every price quote the type of paper used also will affect pricing.

FAQ question   Why does UCM have to review/approve certain jobs, and what is the criteria for projects that must be reviewed/approved?

FAQ Answer   To ensure quality and consistency, the publications staff has been directed by the president to prepare or examine all materials that incorporate the Winthrop logo and/or target external publics. The staff is responsible for seeing that such items meet high-quality writing, editing and design standards, and comply with graphics requirements.

University Communications & Marketing and Printing Services work together to complete your project as quickly as possible; however, please allow additional time for University Relations to review your file or document before submitting to Printing Services.

FAQ question   What are the hours of operation for printing services?

FAQ Answer   Printing Services is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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