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McBryde Hall - 1909

695 Scholars Walk

  • McBryde Hall Exterior

    McBryde Hall Exterior

  • McBryde Hall Interior

    McBryde Hall Interior

  • Tuttle Dining Room Interior

    Tuttle Dining Room Interior


Built in the eclectic style of medieval hall, McBryde for years was the primary dining place for Winthrop students. Upperclassmen presided at the heads of tables; students sat in assigned seats for family-style meals. The building's namesake is Sarah Crosby Chappell McBryde, who served as school dietitian from 1919-45. Its spacious Tudor design accentuates the high hammer-beamed ceilings supported by an elaborate timber system. A 1991 renovation restored the building and made possible the main hall's use for social and conference functions. The adjoining Tuttle Dining Room and Vera Gruber Batten Dining Room are used for smaller events.

Interesting Features:

  • It is believed that McBryde was inspired by the refectory at Oxford's Christ Church, which founding president David Bancroft Johnson visited while in England.
  • Named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977