COVID-19 Sign Options

To order any of these signs* for your department, e-mail with the sign number, name and quantity you’d like to request. Please also include an address to which the signs should be mailed. All signs are 8.5” x 11” unless otherwise noted. You do not need to complete a printing request form.  If there are any issues with your request, a Printing Services staff member will contact you. If you need different signs from the ones listed below, please contact with the information you need on your sign. 

1. Keep Our Campus COVID-Free (17"x11")*

Keep Our Campus COVID-Free

2. Social Distance General 

Physical Distancing is No Joke

3. Get Your Flu Shot

Get Your Flu Shot

4. Face Coverings Required

Need a Mask


5. Feeling Sick

Feeling Sick

6. Employee Feeling Sick 

Employee Feeling Sick



7. Hand Sanitizer Station

Hand Sanitizer Station

8. Do Not Enter (5.5"x8.5")

Do Not Enter

9. Enter Only (8.5"x5.5")

Enter Only


10. Exit Only (8.5"x5.5")

Exit Only

11. Please Use Other Door

(5.5"x8.5")Please Use Other Door


*All signs except #1 are for indoor use only. Sign #1 is the only sign approved for exteriors of buildings.