Community Service

Emeriti College is proud of its volunteer connections with campus, community, and area organizations. We continuously add new organizations to our volunteer opportunities.


The Emeriti College has been working with the Winthrop Center for Career Development and Internships on programs designed to acquaint students with skills they will need to compete in the marketplace. This includes interviewing, resumes, and social skills. Programs are generally offered two or three times a year and involves both one-on-one and small group work with students. For more information, contact Michael Szeman, Associate Director, Employer Engagement and Internships.

Rock Hill Community 

Winthrop emeriti are encouraged to participate as a presenter or participant in Lifelong Learning, a program for adults 50 years and up, run in Rock Hill by the Parks and Recreation Department. Classes cover a variety of topics from creative writing to Ornithology to Line Dancing and Pickleball. Class formats are flexible from once-a-week class from four to eight weeks, to one- and two-day offerings to short trips.

Teaching lifelong Learning classes is on a volunteer basis. Faculty are not paid although they do earn credits to take free classes. The Emeriti College continues to function as the liaison between the program and the university and the Outreach Committee.

Winthrop faculty are involved in both the leadership and teaching aspects of the program. For more information, contact Krista Hayes at Rock Hill PRT.

Speakers Bureau for Area Organizations

Winthrop gets periodic requests to speak at retirement communities and civic organizations.  If you would like to participate, please contact: Janice Chism or Marilyn Sarow.