WinthropLIFE Program

Mission Statement

The mission of WinthropLIFE is to provide an inclusive postsecondary education experience to students with intellectual disabilities to prepare them for competitive employment and active participation in local communities with as much independence as possible.

    Traditional Winthrop Courses

    Students enrolled in WinthropLIFE are required to take 5-9 traditional credit hours each semester. These credit hours are divided into three academic categories: Career Concentration Courses, General Education Courses, and PESH Courses. Students will complete one course in each category every semester. Students audit all traditional Winthrop courses. 

    WinthropLIFE Program Courses

    Students in WinthropLIFE are also responsible for completing WinthropLIFE Program courses each semester. These courses consist of the following topics:

    • WinthropLIFE Program - Self-determination (4 semesters)
    • WinthropLIFE Program - Healthy Relationships (2 semesters)
    • WinthropLIFE Program - Health & Nutrition (2 semesters)
    • WinthropLIFE Program - Functional Academics (2 semesters)

    Social Networking

    Creating a healthy social network at college is essential to the success of all students. Students in WinthropLIFE are supported by mentors to join university hosted social events, clubs, and organizations to increase their social network and create happy and healthy friendships with peers. 

    Living at Winthrop

    WinthropLIFE supports students who want to live on-campus during their career at Winthrop. Students have the opportunity to live independently in Phelps Hall. Students are expected to follow all of Winthrop University's Student Conduct Code policies.

    Students in the WinthropLIFE Program take a variety of academic courses during their enrollment at Winthrop; one or more of these courses are directly related to their career goal. Students build transferrable work skills by participating in on-campus work experiences each semester. These experiences vary from on-campus job shadows, internships, and obtaining student employment positions. 

    Students in WinthropLIFE are supported by Employment Mentors in finding on-campus work experiences at anytime during their career at Winthrop. Below is a list of sample previous on-campus work experiences:

    • Instructional Technology Center
    • Macfeat Early Childhood Laboratory School
    • Ida Jane Dacus Library
    • Lois Rhame West Health, Physical Education, and Wellness Center
    • Digiorgio Campus Center