WinthropLIFE Program

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are an integral part of the WinthropLIFE. Their contributions are beneficial to both WinthropLIFE students and Winthrop University. WinthropLIFE Peer Mentors work under the guidance of the WinthropLIFE Professional Staff to provide support in the classroom, on-campus, in the community, and employment settings. They share their knowledge, life experiences, and interpersonal skills to enhance WinthropLIFE's students' experience at Winthrop. 


Students and peer mentors hanging out.

Mentor Positions:

  • Residential Mentor
  • Academic Mentor
  • Employment Mentor
  • Social Activity Host
  • Office Support
  • Evening Mentor
  • Weekend Mentor 

Common Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Act as a liaison between the WinthropLIFE student and professor or employer                                           
  • Allow for as many opportunities as possible for self-determination
  • Foster social relationships for the WinthropLIFE student within a variety of settings
  • Provide individual social and academic prompts to advance WinthropLIFE student autonomy
  • Provide scheduled academic and organizational support in the classroom or employment setting as needed

 Peer Mentors Withers

Mentor giving WinthropLIFE students a lift.

 Basic Requirements:

  • Assist WinthropLIFE students in course work and outside assignments
  • Commit to the duration of a semester or class
  • Complete and submit paperwork in a timely manner
  • Assist WinthropLIFE students with personal and academic goals
  • Attend as many optional meetings as possible, especially when WinthropLIFE students are involved
  • Attend weekly mentor meetings

We are always looking for students to get involved in supporting our students! If you are interested in working for WinthropLIFE, please complete our WinthropLIFE Peer Mentor Application.

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